How to test the transmittance of smart dimming glass?

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The dimming glass is designed in a modern and simple style, which perfectly reflects the modern and fashionable charm. The infrared transmission and ultraviolet transmission of the dimming glass can be measured by the LS183 smart dimming glass transmission meter, and the visible light transmittance can be measured by an LS117 optical densitometer.
       Today, we introduces you to the practical application of dimming glass in various fields.

smart dimming glass transmission meter

1. Office, conference rooms, clubs, bars, KTV
       Dimming glass can separate rooms, improve the layout of the space, increase the degree of freedom of light adjustment, and ensure the privacy of different areas, will get unexpected results. And the sound blocking function is stronger than ordinary glass. Control the transparency and opacity of the glass at any time, and the appropriate privacy.

smart dimming glass

2. Cashier counter, business hall, museum, exhibition hall
       The dimming glass adopts the laminated glass production process, and the glue in the interlayer can firmly bond the glass. When the glass is impacted, the glass fragments are sandwiched on the glue in the middle, which is like a safety net, and no glass fragments splash and hurt. 

3. Medical operating room, special ward
       In the hospital isolation room, it can replace the curtains, the function is the same as a partition. Sound insulation and elimination, environmental protection remove concerns for patients and doctors.

4. Clean room workshop, factory workshop, observation room
       You can directly observe the scenes in the workshop, laboratory, etc. It not only ensures the clean and clean workshop, but also facilitates supervision.

5. High-speed rail, subway, and aviation applications
       The intelligent dimming glass is transparent, clear and dissolves the rigid lines of the space shape. At present, some high-speed rail lines in China (such as the Harbin High-speed Rail), smart dimming glass has been well applied, making your journey more comfortable.

6. Projection touch application (classroom teaching, home theater, company meetings)
       Dimming glass has another commercial name, called "smart glass projection screen". When the dimming glass is not energized, it can replace the imaging screen in the opaque state, and the rear projection of the projector can control the ambient light to make the glass appear. The clear image, combined with the infrared touch film frame, constitutes a large-sized "tablet computer", creating a new field of projection. When the light is suitable, we can use our high-definition projector to cast our smart dimming glass. The imaging effect is very outstanding, and it can realize multi-touch.
       Whether functionally or visually, smart dimming glass brings a new experience to modern office and living environment.