Spectacle lens anti-blue light detection---blue-violet light transmittance meter

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The blue light has a wavelength range of 400 nm to 480 nm and is a light with higher energy. Blue light in this wavelength increases the amount of toxins in the macular area of the eye, which is a serious threat to our eye health and can also cause eye disease.
       In fact, the really harmful blue light is concentrated in the range of 400nm-440nm, so in the eyeglasses industry, the anti-blue light detection for glasses is generally this waveband. The Linshang
LS108 blue-violet light transmittance meter determines the anti-blue light performance of the glasses by detecting the blue light transmittance at a peak wavelength of 430nm. The lower the transmittance, the better the anti-blue light performance of the glasses. At present, the anti-blue light performance of the spectacle lens has become an important indicator for evaluating the spectacle lens.

blue-violet light transmittance meter

The desktop LS108 blue-violet light transmittance meter uses a parallel light path design with an accuracy better than ±2%. In addition to testing the blue light transmittance of 430nm, it can also test the visible light transmittance at 550nm and the violet light transmittance at 395nm. In the eyeglasses industry, the transmittance of visible light and violet light is also an important indicator of the spectacle lens.
       In fact, in addition to the eyeglasses industry, the requirement of anti-blue light performance in mobile phone covers and TV screens industry are also increasingly. With the development of electronic information technology, all industries related to displays need to consider the anti-blue light performance of materials during R&D and production.
LS108 blue-violet light transmittance meter can display the transmittance value in real time. After turning on the lens, you only need to put the lens on the light hole of the instrument to measure the transmittance of blue, violet and visible light. All in all, the Linshang LS108 Blue-Violet light transmittance meter can meet the various testing needs of the optical industry.