LS117 Optically Diffuse Materials Transmittance Meter

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LS117 Optical density meter can measure various of diffusive materials, such as milky, fogged, abrasive, matte and other translucent materials. 
      “I bought the Window solar tester for the purpose of measuring the transmission of acrylic plates, however when I wanted to measure something that is optically diffuse, the meter showed 5% transmission. When i know for the fact that it is around 70% transmission.”
      Some of our customers reflect our solar film transmission meters can’t measure diffusive materials.Actually, almost all of our solar film transmission meter can just test transparent and colorless materials. Only LS117 optical density meter can test the diffuse transmission materials. 
      Features of LS117 Optical Density Meter
      1.The transmittance of various diffuse transmission materials such as milky, fogged, abrasive, matte materials 
      2.Absolute optical density of materials like X ray film, aluminum film.
      3.All graphic arts film, measuring absolute optical density and relative density and dot area 
      The density function is useful for evaluating and setting the exposure of any image setting system,positive or negative. Use it can verify the Dmax of your films, ensuring light-blocking film properties when making proofs or printing plates. 

LS117 optical density meter

Test a translucent lampshade with LS117 optical density meter 

LS116 light transmittance meter

Test a translucent lampshade with LS116 light transmittance meter
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