Difference between LS116 and LS117 Light Transmittance Meter

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Linshang has two light transmittance meters can be used to test the visible light transmittance. Actually there are not much difference between their appearance and parameters , but if the customer need to select a suitable instrument to test the light transmittance , firstly they need to know the material of the object being measured.
       The most common point of these two instruments is that it can be used to test the transmittance of visible light, but there are still a lot of different places between these two instruments.


  1. First of all, two light transmittance meters are of different shapes, The bracket of LS116 Light Transmittance Meter is transverse, while the LS117 Optical Density Meter is longitudinal, this difference can be seen from the diagram.

  2. Two light transmittance meters use different principles, LS116 transmittance meter use parallel light transmission principle, suitable for testing large thickness of materials, with high precision and the resolution can reach ±1%. The LS117 transmittance meter adopts scattered light principle, which is suitable for semitransparent materials.

  3. LS117 optical densitometer can also measure optical density, the transmittance values and optical density values can be displayed at the same time.

  4. Two instruments suitable for testing different materials, LS116 Light transmittance meter can test PMMA, PC, Plexiglass and other organic materials. LS117 Optical density meter can test the transmittance of milky, matte, fog-like material and the optical density of film, Lens inks holes and other materials.

Therefore LS117 light transmittance meter is also called the optical density meter. Please consult us if you have any questions about our LS116 light transmittance meter or LS117 optical density meter.

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