LS117 Densitometer Measure Application

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LS117 densitometer is mainly used in: film, X-ray films, all kinds of aluminum foil, mist, frosted, rough surface and opalescent, ceramics, opaque silicone and rubber and other materials , to measure absolute optical density, relative optical density and dot area rate.The light source is under the instrument, the receiver is on the top , Make the non glossy surface face to the receiver while testing and can simultaneously display OD (optical density) and T (transmittance) value. 
First,The minimum test light hole of LS117 densitometer is 2mm, the minimum test accuracy  can reach ± 0.02, light transmission rate of resolution can be achieved 0.0005%, that’s why very suitable to measure material, which with extremely low transmission rate , and high accuracy .
Secondly LS117 densitometer equipped with a fixed seat, there are two kinds of measurement methods,1. For small piece,  can be placed on the fixing seat to test. 2. For large piece, have to take out of the receiver and light source, manually  align for measure. (LS117 unlike LS116 that with automatic pick-up function).

LS117 densitometer

After LS117 optical densitometer boot up, generally choose fast measurement mode, in order to save battery life to manually select the automatic shutdown.The instrument will automatically shutdown while no use in 5min .
Normal boot display is T(transmittance) displays  "100%", OD (optical density) shows "0". If it is not such a display, needs to be short press the starting button for self calibration. In the normal state, as long as  understand the three modes of  the LS117 densitometer-measure High reflective material.jpginstrument (ABS is absolute optical density measurement mode, COM relative optical density mode, DOT net area measurement mode), Make test as so, It will will be very simple to read data .
For measure high reflective materials (Transmittance is more than 90%) use the equipped with shading flannelette, While measuring,put the high reflective material on the shading flannelette, make the shading flannelette face up, in high reflective material, align light source with the holes on the shading flannelette to start measuring, data can be read.