Window Detection Instrument- Visible Light Transmittance Meter

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Linshang LS110 visible light transmittance meter, professionally used to test the light transmittance of automotive windshield. This instrument can be used to detect the light transmission of the front, side and rear windshields of the car.
    The bright window action clearly specifies the light transmittance of the van. The light transmission of the front windshield must be greater than 70% and the side and rear windshields must be greater than 50%.
    The advantages of the
LS110 visible light transmittance meter:
      1. Main and auxiliary mode. LS110 is a wireless split-type visible light transmittance meter. When measuring the light transmittance, the main and auxiliary machines should be clamped on both sides of the glass to be tested, which is easy to operate wirelessly.
      2. Laser alignment function. The instrument has a laser alignment function. When testing, the laser can be used to align the main and auxiliary machines to ensure measurement accuracy.

LS110 visible light transmittance meter

3. Data lock function. The light transmittance meter has a data lock function. When measuring the result, you can press the “HOLD” button, the measurement data is locked in the display interface and the instrument can be taken away to facilitate photo taking.
      4. Super anti-interference function. It is measured by three visible light sources and the display value is the average value of the three-way measurement. The measurement result has strong anti-interference ability.