Measurement of Optical Density

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Due to its characteristics, aluminized films have replaced aluminum foil composites in many respects .We can know the uniformity of the aluminized film by testing the optical density with Linshang LS 117 optical density meter.

LS117 Optical Density Meter

Aluminized film is a thin film of aluminum metal coated on the surface of a plastic film or paper, which becomes an aluminized film or aluminized paper. It is the most widely produced metallized film product in the vacuum coating industry. The uniformity of the aluminized film can be known by testing the optical density. The LS117 optical density meter can directly test the optical density of the aluminized film.

At present, in the market of aluminized film, the most popular applications in the industry are polyester aluminized film and CPP aluminized film. The surface of the film is coated with aluminum and has anti-ultraviolet radiation, which not only prolongs the shelf life of the content, but also enhances the brightness of the film. To some extent, it replaces aluminum foil, which is cheap, beautiful and has good barrier properties. Therefore, the application of aluminized film in composite packaging is also very extensive, mainly used in the packaging of flavor foods, daily necessities, agricultural products, medicines, cosmetics and cigarettes.

The vacuum aluminized film used on the package has the following characteristics:

Compared with aluminum foil, the amount of aluminum is greatly reduced, energy and materials are saved, and the cost is reduced. Its aluminum consumption is about 1/200 of aluminum foil, and the production speed can be as high as 700m/min.

  1. It has excellent metallic luster and light reflectance of up to 97%. It can also be processed by coating to form a color film. This decorative effect can not be  achieved by aluminum foil.

  2. It has excellent folding resistance and good toughness, pinholes and cracks are rare, cracking is not caused, and barrier properties against gas, water vapor, odor, light, etc. are improved.

  3. Partially aluminized with shielding or elution to obtain any pattern or transparent window to see the contents of the package.

  4. It has good adaptability to post-processing such as printing and compounding.

  5. The aluminum plating layer has good electrical conductivity and can eliminate the electrostatic effect. Especially when packaging the powdery product, it will not pollute the sealing part and ensure the sealing performance of the packaging.

Aluminized film has become a new type of composite film with excellent performance and economical appearance, which has replaced aluminum foil composite in many aspects. Aluminized film can be used to detect the coating quality of vacuum aluminized film equipment by LS117 optical density meter. And LS117 optical density meter can also measure the transmittance value and optical density value of the aluminized film.