Spectrum Transmission Meter for Measuring PC Sheet

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PC sheet has the advantages of good light transmission performance, light weight, good impact resistance, good sound insulation performance and good softness. Its light transmittance can also be measured by Spectrum transmittance meter LS108H.
     With the development of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly construction projects, people’s demand for energy-saving and environmentally-friendly materials is also increasing.  Among them, PC sheet is widely used in life. PC sheet is an engineering plastic made by processing polycarbonate resin and some industrial auxiliary raw materials with co-extrusion technology. The PC board produced is a comprehensive and extremely strong plastic sheet. The light transmittance of the PC material can be measured by Spectrum transmittance meter LS108H.
     PC sheets can be roughly classified into sun panels and endurance panels in the construction industry, and have the following advantages:
     1. Good light transmission performance. The light transmission of PC sheet can be up to ninety percent compared to glass. PC coated plate do not atomize when exposed to sunlight. After ten years, the light transmission rate was only nine tenth or highest can be up to four fifths of what it was. It is widely used in the lighting ceiling of building units, and its transmittance can be measured by Spectrum transmittance meter LS108H.

LS108H Spectrum Transmission Meter

LS108H Spectrum Transmission Meter

2. Light weight, good impact resistance, the specific gravity is only twice as large as the glass, but its impact resistance is hundreds of times as the ordinary glass. It not only saves transportation and installation costs, but also has good anti-destructive performance.
      3. Sound insulation performance is good, the effect is obvious, compared with the same thickness of glass and acrylic, the sound insulation of PC board is much higher than glass. It has good insulation effect and is widely used in highway noise barrier materials.
      4. Good soft performance, can be made into various shapes by cold bending or hot bending. Widely used are arched, semi-circular ceilings shapes.
      The Linshang Spectrum transmittance meter LS108H measures the transmittance of infrared light and ultraviolet light when measuring the transmittance of PC sheets. The data will be displayed immediately when the measurement starts.