New Upgrade Linshang LS108D Mobile Phone Cover Transmission Meter

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  As we all know, there are generally two small holes in the mobile phone lens that are used for infrared transmission of light sensors and distance sensors. The infrared transmission ability of these two small holes directly affects the performance of the light sensor and distance sensor of the smart phone. Therefore, it is very important to test the infrared transmission data of these two small holes, so you can use our Linshang LS108D Mobile Phone Cover Transmission Meter.
  Linshang Technology, as a manufacturer specializing in the production of mobile phone cover transmission meter, has upgraded from
LS108A lens transmission meterwith 1mm test aperture to the 0.5mm aperture LS108D mobile phone cover transmission meter. Now Linshang LS108D mobile phone cover transmission meter has been upgraded once again, What convenience will the new upgrade product bring to us?

 LS108D Mobile Phone Cover Transmission Meter

  Linshang LS108D Lens Transmission Meterhas been upgraded once again, now it’s equipped with computer software and statistical functions. It can automatically count and analyze the data through the computer software, and we can set the upper and lower limit values in the software, then it can determine if the data is PASS or NG automatically. This function can greatly enhance the production efficiency and accuracy. The accurate introduction of the software is as follows:

 LS108D Mobile Phone Cover Transmission Meter

  1. USB connection status indicator: The instrument displays “green” when the connection is normal, if not it will display “gray”.
  2. System menu: contains user management, communication function.
  3. Parameter setting: Can set the waveband of the equipment, the upper limit, the lower limit value and the trigger value of counting.
  4. Real-time display area: Displays the real-time data of the selected test point. The displayed content includes the test wavelength, upper limit value, lower limit value and real-time value.
  5. Test status area: Shows the status of the test process, including "discharge", "test", "PASS / NG".
  6. Statistical results: Contains unqualified number, qualified number, and total number.
  7. Data display area: Contains the serial number, transmission value, eligibility, test time, and deletion.
  8. Function keys: Contains Count, Export to EXCEL, Re-count and etc.