Linshang New Product LS110H Split Transmission Meter

Time:2019/02/27 12:06:00 Browse:2020

Linshang Technology launched a new product LS110H split transmission meter, which can be directly absorbed on the window of automobiles. The peak wavelength of the IR light source is 1400nm, for those customers who need to test metal film, it can be a good news.

LS110H split transmission meter

LS110H split transmission meter measure the front windshield 

This instrument has the same function with LS110A split transmission meter, the difference between them is the IR peak wavelength.The IR peak wavelength of LS110A is 950nm, and the IR peak wavelength of LS110H is 1400nm.If you need to test metal film, the IR rejection data on LS110H split transmission meter will be better than you test by LS110A.

split transmission meter

With strong suction, LS110H and LS110A can be absorbed on the front windshield of the car.
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