Matte paint gloss meter

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Paint is a material that can be applied to the surface of an object for corrosion protection or decoration. The uniformity of the surface of the matte paint material can be measured with a paint gloss meter LS192 at a 60 degree angle.

    Paint is a chemical mixture coating that can be firmly covered on the surface of the object with decorative, protective or special properties (such as insulation, corrosion protection, marking, etc.) and other special applications. The gloss can be measured using a paint gloss meter. Among them, matt paint is one kind of paint, also known as matt paint. In home decoration, it is more used to decorate furniture wall, etc.
    Matte paint has the following characteristics:
    1. Matte paint is diffuse reflection, the visual effect is very soft and will not irritate the eyes.
    2. matt paint is more resistant to dirt, the overall color is dark
    3. matte latex paint is relatively low cost and easy to paint compared to high gloss paint
    4. Matte paint can hide the flaws on the wall, but it is weak against dust and stains. Often used for painting in areas where the main hall, restaurant or activities are infrequent. To avoid light pollution, and it is more convenient to maintain.

paint gloss meter

    The matte paint gloss meter has a data statistics function. By measuring multiple points, the average and mean square error of the measured data can be obtained. The smaller the mean squared difference, the better the paint uniformity of the coating. The instrument can count up to 99 sets of data. This paint gloss meter is equipped with computer software that supports USB transfer of data and connects to a computer to print test reports.

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