Ultraviolet Light Meter Application in Sun-proof Clothing Industry

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Different wavelengths of ultraviolet rays have different degrees of damage to our skin.Therefore, the design of sun-proof clothing detection lamps is also based on different ultraviolet bands. The ultraviolet light meter is used to detect the energy intensity of the sun-proof clothing detection lamps.

     We know that ultraviolet rays in sunlight can cause the most damage to the skin on the surface of the human body, especially in the hot summer.So many people choose a sun-proof clothing to protect their skin.A good sun-proof clothing is not only UV-resistant but also heat-insulating. We know that the heat source of sunlight mainly comes from infrared rays in sunlight. Therefore, the effectiveness of sun-proof clothing is mainly the effect of anti-ultraviolet and anti-infrared.


     1.The impact of UVC band on the skin 
     UVC is one of the ultraviolet wavelength bands,the main wavelength is 100nm-280nm,this wavelength band is the shortest wavelength band in ultraviolet rays.We know that the shorter the wavelength of ultraviolet light,the stronger the energy it contains and the greater the damage to the skin.Therefore,it is necessary to test the UV rejection rate in a sun-proof clothing. Usually,when testing the UV-blocking effect of sun-proof clothing,there will be a light source that simulates the UVC band (usually 254nm).Put a sun-proof clothing at a fixed distance between the light source and the ultraviolet light meter and then the energy value of the light source will be tested.
     For energy detection in the UVC band,it is recommended to use the Linshang LS126C ultraviolet light meter.This ultraviolet light meter has a spectral response range of 230nm-280nm and a peak wavelength of 254nm.The biggest feature of this ultraviolet light meter is that it has Bluetooth function and can be connected to a mobile APP.The data can be monitored wirelessly from a certain distance, avoiding on-site viewing of data being burned by ultraviolet rays and achieve unattended measurement.
    2.The UVB band's impact on the skin 
    The wavelength of UVB in ultraviolet is mainly 280nm-320nm.Ultraviolet rays in this wavelength range can cause real-time sunburn on the skin, which can make the skin's keratin thick,red,dull, painful and dry.Therefore,a good-quality sun-proof clothing not only has an isolation effect on UVC band, but also on UVB band.
    For the energy detection of UVB band sun-proof clothing detection lamps,it is recommended to use Linshang LS125 + UVB
ultraviolet light meter.This ultraviolet light meter + probe is an instrument specifically designed for the UVB band.It has a spectral response range of 280nm-315nm, which can measure the intensity of UVB light sources such as 297nm,308nm and 313nm.
    3.The impact of UVA band on the skin 
    Ultraviolet rays with a wavelength range of 340nm-400nm belong to the long wave range.The ultraviolet rays in this band have the strongest penetrating power and can reach the dermis to tan the skin and cause the greatest damage to the skin.UV in this band is also the easiest to ignore, especially in non-summer environments.Because long-term accumulation is enough to hurt the skin.Ultraviolet rays in this band easily cause skin aging and relaxation, wrinkles,loss of elasticity, melanin precipitation.
    Therefore,it is recommended to use Linshang LS125 + UVA-X1 ultraviolet light meter for the energy detection of the sun-proof clothing detection lamp in this band.This ultraviolet light meter has a spectral response range of 260nm-400nm and a peak wavelength of 365nm,which is very suitable for the energy detection of UVA band ultraviolet lamps.
    In fact,for the detection of ultraviolet and infrared,Linshang LS108H spectrum transmisson meter is very suitable.This instrument can be used to detect visible light from 380nm-760nm, infrared light at 940nm and ultraviolet light at 365nnm.This instrument is also a good choice for UV detection at 365nm.


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