Can the UV Radiometer Display the UV Intensity at Each Wavelength?

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UV radiometers are mainly used to detect the intensity of ultraviolet radiation.Can it show the intensity of ultraviolet light at each wavelength?

      Recently,customers consulted us whether Linshang UV radiometers can display the UV intensity of each wavelength or not.In fact,the devices that can meet such requirements are only spectrophotometers and spectrometers.These two devices can be used to detect the spectrum of the light source,that is,the wavelength of the light emitted by the source and the intensity corresponding to each wavelength.
    The UV radiometers provided by Linshang technology are designed for wavelengths within a specific range, such as the UV radiometer LS125+UVB probe for detecting UVB wavelength.The intensity value detected by this device is the overall intensity of ultraviolet light in the wavelength range of 280 nm to 315 nm emitted by the light source.In addition to measuring the intensity value,it can also be used to detect the energy value of ultraviolet light for a period of time.It can generate a power graph.Through the graph, we can see the change of the light source intensity during this time.
    If you need to purchase an instrument to detect the intensity value of a particular light source,just buy a UV radiometer with the corresponding spectral response graph. In addition to the above probes for detecting UVB bands,Linshang LS125
UV radiometer can also be equipped with other probes for detecting UVC,UVA and UVCLED, UVALED and other light sources.In addition,there is a LS126C UV radiometer for detecting germicidal lamps in hospitals.

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      Finally,we conclude that the UV radiometer is mainly used to detect the irradiance of the UV at a specific wavelength,but not the UV intensity of each wavelength.If it is necessary to measure the intensity of each wavelength, spectrophotometer and spectrometer are required.

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