How to Choose Multi-Channel UV Intensity Meter Probe?

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Linshang technology has developed nine probes of different UV bands and light source types to match multi-channel UV intensity meter LS125. This article will focus on the selection of probes in different applications.

      As a professional UV intensity meter supplier, Linshang technology has developed nine probes of different UV bands and light source types to match multi-channel UV intensity meter LS125. This instrument can intelligently match 9 different probes and replace different probes to meet different test requirements.
     Different types of ultraviolet light sources have different applications. Measuring different light sources requires the use of probe which has suitable spectral response curves and appropriate range sizes. So the selection of probes is very important. This article will focus on how to choose a multi-channel UV intensity meter probe for different applications.
    1.UV curing
    The ultraviolet light source used for curing mainly includes a UV high pressure mercury lamp, a UV LED lamp and a UV halogen lamp.
    1)UV high-pressure mercury lamp is a high-intensity ultraviolet radiation source. The main curing method is ultraviolet light with 365nm wavelength. It is recommended to use LS125 multi-probe UV intensity meter with UVA probe.
    2)The UV halogen lamp is based on the addition of some metal halides to the high-pressure mercury lamp. The emitted light is mainly concentrated in the 350-400nm band. It is recommended to use the LS125 multi-probe UV intensity meter equipped with the UVA probe for measuring the UV halogen lamp for curing.
    3)UV LED lamp is a narrow-spectrum cold light source with low calorific value and low energy consumption. UV LED lamps commonly used in the curing industry are 365nm, 385nm,395nm and 405nm.There are some light sources in the LED light source, line light source and surface light source. It is recommended to use the LS125 UV intensity meter equipped with UVALED-X1 probe when measuring the point source and line source. We recommend the UVALED probe when measuring the surface light source.
    2.Ultraviolet aging
    The UV aging chamber is a device that simulates different environments to complete the aging test. It contains ultraviolet light for simulating sunlight, mainly 297 nm and 340 nm.
    1)Detecting 297nm or 313nm aging UV lamps generally use multi-channel UV intensity meter probe with UVB probe
    2)UVA-X1 probe is recommended when detecting 340nm UV lamps
    3)If the two bands of UV light need to be measured simultaneously, the UVA-X1 probe can also be used.
     3.Ultraviolet disinfection
     Ultraviolet short-wave is also called UVC. Common ultraviolet germicidal lamps have 253.7nm low-pressure mercury lamps and LED germicidal lamps.
    1)Measuring 253.7nm low-pressure mercury lamp germicidal lamp can use UVC probe and UVC-wp probe. UVC-wp probe is waterproof probe, so it is more suitable for UV detection in water treatment industry.
    2)LED is a new type of UV germicidal lamp that has been developed in recent years and can be measured using the latest UVCLED probes.

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    4.Electric welding arc, non-destructive testing and physiotherapy lamps
    1)The welding arc generated by welding is mainly 365nm, 290nm and 254nm. The corresponding UVA-X1, UVB and UVC probes can be used when measuring the UV irradiation intensity with a multi-channel UV intensity meter.
    2)Non-destructive testing is also called non-destructive testing. It also refers to fluorescent detection, which uses ultraviolet light at 365 nm. This wavelength is required to excite the phosphor. In the fluorescence detection, a filter is used to filter out visible light, medium-short and short-wave ultraviolet rays, and only long-wave ultraviolet rays (also called black light) in the UVA band are passed. UVA-X1 probes are commonly used to detect UV sources for non-destructive testing.
    3)The physiotherapy lamp promotes the metabolism of minerals and the formation of vitamin D in the human body or animal by simulating the ultraviolet ray effect in the sun. Usually, the UVB probe is used to measure the irradiation intensity.
    5.Other UV detection
    1)UVA-X1 probes are usually available for UV detection in the environment.
    2)Low power LED can use UVALED-X3 probe
    3)The laboratory can select the corresponding probe according to the measurement band.
    4) Halogen lamps for non-curing industry can use UVA-X1 probe
    The above is the multi-channel UV intensity meter organized by Linshang Technology for the selection and matching of probes in different industries. If you still have doubts about the probe selection after reading this article, you can contact us through the website and obtain professional analysis of the probes that match your industry.

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