Advantages of LS126C UV Light Meter

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Linshang’s  UV light meter based on customer feedback, and constantly revised update, instrument has the advantages of convenient operation and humanization design, won the trust of many customers.
Advantages of LS126C UV Light Meter:
1, In line with national standards (standard stipulate instrument needs 1m distance vertical from tube, the test data can be used to contrast) and instrument standard equipped with the folding hook, the base plate and the aluminum box, While use, take out connected directly, when not in use can be folded in aluminum box to save.
2, Humanized design, the instrument can automatically record the whole testing process in the maximum value and the real value, the staff do not need to wear radiation protection suits, with anti radiation glasses to avoid staff long stood at the ultraviolet light to read data when subjected to UV damage.
3, The instrument has automatic shutdown function and data will not be lost, that is, the customer can be directly on the power to read on a data, convenient and simple, can store 9 sets of data.

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