Imperative UV Energy Meter for UV Irradiation

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Today we mainly talk about the application of UV energy meter in the shoemaking industry.

   With the development of technology, people now have a more energy-efficient choice for the drying of glue/paint - UV curing. In many industries, this technology is needed, such as the curing of the circuit board outer layer, the drying of the paint surface, the drying of the furniture surface paint, the hardening of the shoe sole, the adhesion, etc., Today we mainly talk about the application of UV energy meter in the shoemaking industry.
    At present, we have been able to use the UV hardener to make the surface of these materials polar and easy to adhere. After treatment with a UV treatment agent, it is irradiated with UV ultraviolet rays to cause a reaction and bridging is used instead of the conventional roughing. 


    It is well known that ultraviolet light sources are very susceptible to attenuation during use. Once the attenuation occurs, the curing will not be completed and the relevant process standards will not be met. Once the UV source is attenuated, the solution is:
1. Increase the irradiation time of the ultraviolet light source to achieve the process standard.
2. Replace the new lamp.
However, if the first solution is too much time, it will inevitably lead to a reduction in efficiency. So which solution is the best choice when the light source is attenuated? So, we intrdouce a
uv energy manufacturer guide.At this time we need an auxiliary instrument - UV energy meter.
UV energy meter is mainly used for the formulation and later monitoring of relevant process parameters. First, the UV energy meter should be used to test and formulate the appropriate process parameters and record. If the data and process parameters are found to be inconsistent, the energy value can be increased to the corresponding process parameters by appropriately adjusting the irradiation time. If the time required to increase is too long, the lamp can be replaced to control production efficiency and quality. It is an indispensable assistant for shoe UV irradiation machine.

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