Multiple Probe UV Light Meter for Fixed-point Testing

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LS125 Multiple Probe UV Light Meter is suitable for fixed-point test occasions, can be measured while looking at the data. It is very convenient to use or carry. With 7 kinds of probes, customers can choose a suitable probe according to their own industry.

       Linshang Technology has a special Multiple probe UV Light Meter which is suitable for fixed-point testing occasions. It is very convenient to use or carry. This Multiple probe ultraviolet radiation meter can be used in UV curing, medical germicidal lamp testing, pharmaceutical sterilizing lamp testing, Non-Destructive inspection lamps, The Centers for Disease Control(CDC), sewage treatment, welding arc detection, ultraviolet aging experiments and other industries.

       LS125 Multiple probe UV light meter (ultraviolet radiation meter) can be selected according to the requirements of 7 kinds of probes, the host can be smart to identify the probe model, the P-series probes can display : Maximal power, Real-time power and Test time. The E-Series probes can display such as Maximal power, Energy and Real-time power. Besides, there is a waterproof probe. Different probes can receive different UV wavebands, so they can be used in a variety of industries.

P-Series Probes:

1.LS125+P254 Probe (230-280nm): Used in high-power UV germicidal lamp intensity detection,  hospitals, CDC, Food and Drug Authority, pharmaceutical factories.
2.LS125+P254-WP Probe (230-280nm): Waterproof function, can waterproof 1 meters deep, suitable for germicidal lamp intensity detection of sewage treatment .
3.LS125+P297 Probes (280-320nm): Suitable for UVB wavebands, such as physiotherapy lights.
4.LS125+P365L Probe (260-400nm): Suitable for UVA wavebands, such as ultraviolet aging test, environmental ultraviolet light detection.
5.LS125+P420L Probe (340-420nm): Suitable for UVA+UVV wavebands, especially for low-power UV LED lamp power detection.

E-Series Probes:

1.LS125+E365 Probe (320-400nm): Can test power and energy, suitable for high pressure mercury lamp curing test, lithography exposure, etc.
2.LS125+E395 Probe (340-420nm): Can test power and energy, suitable for UV LED curing testing, integrated circuit lithography, nail polish curing lamp, etc.
      The E-series probes of
LS125 Multiple probe UV light meter has a larger measurement range. Therefore, customers need to consider their own industry and parameter requirements when they need to select a suitable probe.

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