X-ray Plating Thickness Measurement Equipment

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The design principle of the X-ray plating thickness measurement equipment is more complicated than the ordinary plating thickness measurement equipment and the function is more powerful.The application range is wider. Below we learn about the test principle, characteristics,specifications,suppliers and price to know about X-ray plating thickness measurement equipment.

      There are many types of plating thickness measurement equipment on the market. The measurement accuracy and materials measured by different plating thickness measurement equipment are also different. Many plating thickness measurement equipment use a single measurement principle, while the x-ray plating thickness measurement equipment is unique in that it combines various test principles.
     1.X-ray plating thickness measurement equipment and test principle:
     X-ray thickness measuring methods mainly include X-ray fluorescence method, electrolysis method, capacitance method, wedge cutting method, thickness difference measurement method, light intercept method,β-ray back scattering method, magnetic measurement method and eddy current measurement method,etc.Here we focus on the X-ray fluorescence method. The X-ray fluorescence method specifically refers to the X-ray characteristics of various substances excited by radiation,so that the excitatory elements therein generate X-rays (ie, fluorescence).The X-ray fluorescence meter is used to measure and record the exposure rate of X-rays in the sample to determine the composition of the sample and the measurement method of the target element.
    Simply speaking, measuring the x-ray intensity and the standard sheet yields the thickness of various substances. The correspondence of this thickness forms a curve in the background software. The intensity values of various substances are also increased (but not absolute) and the curve closest to the actual value is obtained by standards, software, and algorithms.
     2.Characteristics of x-ray plating thickness measurement equipment:
    This method of operation can be carried out in situ. The method is simple and fast. The content of the target element can be obtained on site to divide the boundary between the ore and the non-mine. It is possible to replace or partially replace the grooved sampling. Not only can the metal surface coating thickness can be measured, but also the thickness of the coating on the non-metallic surface. Submarine X-ray fluorescence measurements and radioisotope X-ray fluorescence logging have also been greatly developed.

plating thickness measurement equipment    

    3."X-ray fluorescence plating thickness measurement equipment calibration specification":
    The following three items are required in the "X-Ray Fluorescence Plating thickness measurement equipment Calibration Specifications".
    1)Thickness measurement repeatability. 
    The experimental standard deviation must be divided by the percentage of the instrument's 10 measurement arithmetic mean as the instrument thickness measurement repeatability.
    2)The indication value drifts.
    A standard board was selected and measured every 15 minutes.Each group was measured 10 times.A total of 5 groups were measured. The maximum and minimum difference in the measurement result divided by the actual thickness value of the thickness standard sheet is the stability of the instrument indication.
    3)Thickness measurement indication error.Select 1-5 standard blocks to measure the average value of each standard block three times.The actual difference between the arithmetic mean of each point and the standard block is the indication error of the point.
   4.X-ray plating thickness measurement equipment suppliers and prices:
   1)Oxford, UK
   British supplier Oxford, representative product CMI900 X fluorescent plating thickness measurement equipment. The price is about 240,000 RMB.
   2)Japan Hitachi
   Japanese supplier Hitachi, representative product FT50 microbeam XRF coating material analyzer. The price is about 6666 RMB.
   3)German supplier Fischer,
    German supplier Fischer, representative product FISCHERSCOPE? X-RAY XDAL X-ray spectrometer. The price is about 300,000 RMB.
   4)Korea Micro Pioneer Plating thickness measurement equipment
   Korean supplier Micro Pioneer, representative product has XRF-2000L. The price is about 1000 RMB.
   The X-ray plating thickness measurement equipment is a kind of plating thickness measurement equipment. Because of its complicated design and powerful function,the X-ray plating thickness measurement equipment price is much higher than the ordinary plating thickness measurement equipment.We hope the above information can help you.

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