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Test rule Transmittance tester for regular transmission materials

Regular transmission materials have high light transmittance in the visible light band. It can be tested with Linshang transmittance tester LS116, which not only has high accuracy but also can test materials with large thickness.
Regular transmission is one of the transmission phenomena in the propagation of light in the medium. So what is regular transmission? What light transmittance tester should I use to test the transmission material?
Regular transmission is when light is deflected in the direction of propagation at an angle in a material with a smooth surface and uniform internal texture, which is called regular transmission of the material, and it is also called direct transmission.
When you can see through a material with regular transmission characteristics, you can see the image behind it. The most common material in life is glass. Some common flat glass, door and window curtain wall glass have regular transmission characteristics, and have a high light transmittance in the visible light waveband. 
Linshang Technology has a light transmittance tester LS116, which is specially used to test the light transmittance of regular transmission materials. At the same time, the measurement accuracy can reach ±1%, which can ensure the national measurement.
The light transmittance tester LS116, because of the parallel light design, can also test materials with a large thickness, and can measure materials with a thickness of up to 100mm. More used to detect glass, film, film glass, PC material, acrylic material, etc.

Linshang transmittance tester LS116

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