LS201 Digital Glass Thickness Meter

LS201 Digital Glass Thickness Meter


      LS201 digital glass thickness meter makes use of optical reflection principle to measure the thickness of the glass surface on one side. It is especially applicable for occasions where general measuring tools including scales and vernier calipers are impossible or not easy to measure,like the thickness measurement for building laminated glass and insulating glass.As for insulating laminated glass, the meter can measure thickness of several layers of glass and the middle layers of air space at the same time. The meter applies CCD detection, with LCD display. It is easy to operate and quick and reliable in measuring.

LS201 digital glass thickness meter

       1. Dimension: 130mm× 72mm × 33mm(L× W× H)
       2. Weight: 330g
       3. Measuring accuracy: ±0.1mm
       4. Range: 70mm of glass thickness, 45mm of air space
       5. Power Supply: 4 AAA alkaline dry batteries


       1. Easily switch the language modes between Chinese and English

       2. Laser reflects on CCD to measure glass thickness and air thickness from one single side
       3. Quick measurement ,the accuracy is up to 0.1mm
       4. Can measure three layers of glass with two layers of air space and insulating laminated glass, etc.

       5. With auto and manual measurement modes,can test many kinds of insulating glass thickness precisely.

       6.In manual mode,preset the type and the thickness then we will get high precision measurement results

Packing list

       1. LS201 Digital Glass Thickness Meter           1PCS
       2. User Manual                                                      1PCS
       3. Certificate / warranty card                               1PCS
       4. Plastic box                                                        1PCS
       5. AAA alkaline dry batteries                               4PCS


       1. Keep the measured glass surface clean so as to improve the measurement accuracy.
       2. Try to avoid overlapping of several glass when measuring, which may lead to wrong measuring results.
       3. Keep the detector on the back of the instrument clean. To wipe the detector, use the soft cloth or cotton swab stained with alcohol.
       4. In order to improve the measurement accuracy, try to prevent the back of the Meter from directly facing the sunlight.
       5. Avoid contact with corrosive substances and keep from high temperature and high humidity environment.
       6. While battery symbol is displayed as empty and flashing, please replace the batteries.
       7. This product emits a laser beam from the back side. DO NOT point the laser at anyone’s eyes. ALWAYS check the other side of the window being tested to ensure that no one will be looking directly into the laser.

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