LS162 Transmission Meter

LS162 Transmission Meter


      LS162 Transmission Meter is special for film, window tint, filmed glass and side windshield test, it’s a small size, portable product for transmission value measurement. It’s able to simultaneously measure and display Visible light transmission values and UR 、infrared rejection values.

    1. Size: 120mm *75mm *25mm(L*W*H)
    2. Weigh: 165g (include batteries)
    3. Thickness of testing sample: < 8mm
    4. Resolution: 0.1%
    5. Accuracy: ±2%(Colorless and transparent material)
    6. VL Peak wavelength: 550nm
    7. UV Peak wavelength: 365nm
    8. IR Peak wavelength: 950nm
    9. Battery: 4*AAA alkaline battery

    1.The testing slot is up to 8mm, can test filmed glass directly .
    2.Compact, portable, battery powered, ultra-low power consumption.
    3.UV rejection meter, IR rejection meter, Visible light Transmittance Meter, Three functions in ONE device.
    4.Simple operation, rapid measurement, putting the testing sample in the “OPENING”, UV, VL and IR transmission values of the sample will simultaneously display immediately.
    5.Suitable for measure film, filmed glass, window tint, side windshield etc. Test for performance demonstrate, production, QA, inspection and so on many occasions.

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Packing list
    1.LS162 Transmission Meter                        1pcs
    2.AAA battery                                                  4pcs
    3.User Manual                                                 1pcs
    4.Certificate / warranty card                           1pcs

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