LS129 UV365 Digital Probe

LS129 UV365 Digital Probe


LS129 UV365 Digital Probe is an ultra-small intelligent UVA digital probe which can be used for all situations that need UVA power and temperature values. The probe has standard RS485 communication interface and MODBUS communication protocol. It is convenient to communicate with PLC, human-computer interface, computer and other equipment and collect and monitor real-time data.


    1.Spectral response: 320nm-400nm;λp =365nm
    2.Power measurement range: 0 --- 20000 mW/cm2
    3.Measurement accuracy: ± 10%
    4.Resolution: 0.1 mW/cm2
    5.Temperature measurement range: -55 --- 125 ℃
    6.Sampling period: 0.5 S
    7.Test light hole diameter: ¢9.2
    8.Communication interface: RS485
    9.Communication protocol: MODBUS
    10.Probe length: 1 m, temperature resistance of the line is 200 degrees Celsius
    11.Supply voltage: DC 5-24V
    12.Instrument weight: about 140 grams
    13.Operating temperature: -40 --- 85 ℃
    14.Probe size: length (60mm) × width (35mm) × thickness (14.6mm)
    15.Relative humidity: less than 85%, moisture condensation

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UV365 Digital Probe


    1. Ultra-small UV intelligent digital probe which is easy to install and use;
    2. Wide DC power supply range, easy to use on-site;
    3. RS485 communication interface and MODBUS communication protocol make it convenient to integrate various intelligent equipment

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