LS117 Optical Density Meter

LS117 Optical Density Meter


     LS117 optical density meter measures the optical density and light transmittance at the same time, mainly for the following three types of product measurement:

    1. All graphic arts film, measuring absolute optical density and relative density and dot area
    2. X-ray film, aluminum film materials etc, measuring absolute optical density.
    3. All kinds of milky white, fog material, measuring light transmittance.
    1.Density Measuring range:  0.00 --- 6.00 OD
    2.Dot Area Measuring range: 0 --- 100%
    3.Resolution: 0.0005% Transmission / 0.01 OD
    4.Density Accuracy: +/-0.02 (0 -2.00 OD)
                                       +/-2% (2.00-6.00 OD)
    5.Transmittance Accuracy: +/-1%(0% --- 50%)
                                                   +/-2%(50% --- 100%)
    6.Aperture: 2mm
    7.Light source: ANSI/ISO Visual
    8.Power supply: 4*AAA alkaline battery

    1.Completely self-contained operation. No independent power supply or light source required.
    2.Ideal for all graphic arts film applications, from quality control to calibration.
    3.Directly measures density, density difference and dot area.
    4.Simple to operate and easy to use
    5.Able to measure densities up to 6.0 OD

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Packing list

    1.LS117 Optical Density Meter                        1pcs
    2.AAA battery                                                     4pcs
    3.User Manual                                                    1pcs
    4.Certificate / warranty card                             1pcs
    5.Aluminum box                                                 1pcs

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