New Product:LS192 Gloss Meter

From:Shenzhen Linshang Technology Co. , Ltd.     Time:2015/10/14 10:40:26     Browse:

After several months effort , Shenzhen Linshang Technology Co. , Ltd.  launched new product LS192 Gloss Meter.
In glossmeter industry, master gathered, fierce competition, since we involved in the field, we must try to win competition.
For Gloss meter, Technical difficulties shall to be overcame are stability and consistency, especially in light with the change of temperature, luminescence efficiency stability problem, if the above mentioned problems can’t be solved, there is no way to guarantee the stability of the test data, after years of experiments, we did that.

List below main advantage of LS192 Gloss Meter:
    No need button operation, automatic measurement data.
    LCD interface directly display intelligent statistical functions.
    Constant current source and temperature compensation circuit, the accuracy of measurement data is not affected by temperature change.

In glossmeter industrial, we just compare with BYK.
What we have done is to make the glossmeter more accurate and more convenient, and the price is reasonable.
We are confident of our instruments, One month unreasonable by the return guarantee.

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