Linshang Technology provide all kinds of accessories uesd to demonstrate the rejection performance of solar film,including the Infrared heat lamp,UV lamp,Testing Solar Film Lamp,Glass Radiometer.Mainly used to promote the sale work of solar films.

  • 1.The strength of the light intensity is directly proportional to
    the rotation speed of the blade
    2.Display the heat insulation ability of solar film and insulation
    glass vividly

  • 1. Wavelength: 375nm, the ultraviolet radiation belongs to the UVA
    wave band
    2. Used to identify the effect of solar film blocking ultraviolet
  • 1. Brand: Philips
    2. Part No: BR125 IR Red 250W 230-250V E27 ES
    3. Power:250w
  • 1. Brand: Philips
    2. Part No: PAR38 IR 150W E27 230V Red 1CT
    3. Power:150w
  • 1. A lighting products to test if it is the metal film or no
    2. Practicality, sex appeal, ornamental, decorative

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