Linshang technology focus on researching and development, pursuit tirelessly of the excellent quality, the products are constantly being upgraded,  including solar film transmission meter, spectrum transmission meter, solar film sales kits. All the discontinued products have substitute products。New products have more powerful function , the performance are better and the appearance are more beautiful.

  • 1.Range: Glass Thickness Scale 60mm, Air Space Scale 35mm
    2.Laser reflects on CCD to measure glass thickness and Air thickness
    3.Measure Glass & Air Space (insulated glass) quickly from single side of IG Units
    4.Can be switched between two kings of units
  • 1.Support many kinds of probes
    2.7 kinds probe can be chose: P254,P254-WP,P297,P365L,P420L,E365,E395
    3.Can choose the most suitable probe according to different requirements
  • 1.Used to measure the UVC ultraviolet intensity
    2.Special for measuring Ultraviolet sterilization lamp
    3.Response Wavelength: 230nm-280nm, peak wavelength = 254nm
    4.Measuring range: 0-8000 uW/cm2
  • 1. UV Peak wavelength: 365nm
    2. VL Peak wavelength: 550nm
    3. IR Peak wavelength: 950nm
    4. With point light
  • 1. IR Center wavelength 1400nm.
    2. Visible light wavelength: 380nm-760nm (Full Weighted Spectrum).
    3. UV transmission meter, IR transmission meter, Light Transmittance Meter, Three function in ONE device.
  • 1. Capacity:14500mAh (3.7v)
    2. Output voltage:5V/6V/8V, current:1.2/0.9/0.7A
    3. size: 23mm × 69mm × 110mm
  • 1. Brand: Linshang
    2. Number: UV375
    3. Wavelength: 375nm
    4. Bulb: LED]
    5. IV(LM):135-150mW
    6. Material: Aluminum alloy
    7. Weigh: 103g (including battery)
    8. Battery specification: 18650 Lithium rechargeable batteries
    9. Whether is rechargeable, rechargeable
    10. Gear: single file
    11. Waterproof: no
    12. Applicable environment: carrying daily
    13. Size: 115*24(L*OD)
  • 1.UV&IR&Light Transmittance Meter, Three function in one device
    2.IR Center wavelength 1400nm,Infrared reflects full wavelength
    property of film, high precision3.Visible light wavelength:380nm-760nm
    4.Suit for window film, solar film and other testing
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