Linshang Technology,as a Spectrum Transmission Meter manufacturer,it provide the LS108H used for PC material light transmission test,LS108A used to measure the IR ink of mobile phone cover,LS108D used for for the mobile phone lens light transmittance test and LS108 used to test the anti-blue, light transmission and anti-UV performance of eyeglass lenses and PC materials.The parameter include 550nm visible light,365nm and 395nm UV,460nm blue light,850nm and 940nm IR. All the instruments can pass the examination of national etrology institutes.

  • 1.UV peak wavelength: 365nm;IR Peak wavelength 940nm
    2.Visible light wavelength: 380nm-760nm (Full Weighted Spectrum)
    3.Sample thickness: < 47mm
    4.Suitable for testing the coatings,insulating glass,filmed glass,PMMA material and PC material
  • 1.Size of Testing sample: >Diameter:1.0mm
    2.Especially used for testing the transmission value of the mobile phone lens
    3.IR Peak wavelength:940nm and 850nm
    4.VL Peak wavelength: 550nm

  • 1.Size of Testing sample: > Dia.0.5mm
    2.Especially suitable for mobile phone lens infrared transmittance and visible light transmittance testing
    3.IR Peak wavelength:940nm and 850nm;VL Peak wavelength: 550nm
  • 1.Purple light Peak wavelength: 395nm;Blue light Peak wavelength: 460nm;Visible light Peak wavelength: 550nm
    2.Size of Testing sample: > ¢3mm
    3.PL transmission meter, BL transmission meter, Light Transmittance Meter, Three function in ONE device.

  • 1.Size of Testing sample: > Dia.3mm
    2.UV Peak wavelength: 365nm;Visible light Peak wavelength: 550nm;IR Peak wavelength: 940nm
    3.UV transmission meter, IR transmission meter, Light Transmittance Meter, Three function in ONE device
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