Linshang Technology,as a professional UV Light Meter manufaturer,which provide a series of instruments used to test the UV radiation intensity,including UV Intensity Meter for bactericidal lamp, multi probe UV Light Meter and digital online UV radiometer. It can provide you the instruments used to test UVA,UVB and UVC intensity and can comply with the technical standard for disinfection of medical institutions and international standards.

  • 1.Support many kinds of probes
    2.7 kinds probe can be chose: P254,P254-WP,P297,P365L,P420L,E365,E395
    3.Can choose the most suitable probe according to different requirements
  • 1.Used to measure the UVC ultraviolet intensity
    2.Special for measuring Ultraviolet sterilization lamp
    3.Response Wavelength: 230nm-280nm, peak wavelength = 254nm
    4.Measuring range: 0-8000 uW/cm2
  • 1.Communication protocol: MODBUS;Communication interface: RS485
    2.Spectral response: 320nm-400nm;λp =365nm
    3.It is convenient to communicate with PLC, human-computer interface, computer and other equipment and collect and monitor real-time data.
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