Linshang Technology, as a national UV Energy Meter manufaturer,which provide many kinds of instruments used to test the UV energy emitted by UV curing lamp,has the LS120 used to test the traditional mercury lamp and the LS128 used to test UV LED.These two instruments can help you test energy,power,temperature and time at the same time,can display curve,expert data and print test report.The performance can be compared with the American EIT and the Japanese ORC.

  • The first UV energy meter has temperature curve
    The first UV energy meter with real-time temperature and irradiance
    The first UV energy meter built-in timer and accurate records of curing time
    The first UV energy meter can record 60000 data
    The first UV energy meter can connect computer via USB and print the results
  • 1.The first UV Energy meter is professional for testing UV LED
    2.The first UV Energy meter has the measuring range of 20W/cm2
    3.The first UV Energy meter can be used to test 340nm-420nm UV
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