As a professional Light Transmittance Meter manufacturer,Linshang Technology  has researched and designed the LS117 used to test the optical density of aluminus plating film, milky translucent materials and arenaceous materials,the LS110 Split Transmission Meter used to test the transmission of front windshield and the LS116 high-precision light transmittance meter used to test thick material.

  • 1.Specially used to test the visible light transmittance of the wind shield of the car
    2.Visible light wavelength: 380nm-760nm, ANSI/ISO visual standard
    3.Two laser for two part alignment, more accuracy.
    4.The built-in lithium rechargeable battery is easy for using without replacing the battery.
  • 1.This meter is self-contained light sources and self -calibration.
    2.Visible light wavelength: 380nm-760nm ( Full Weighted Spectrum)
    3.With a parallel optical design, visual function compensation
    4.Suitable for glass, film, organic materials and other transparent materials' transmittance detection
  • 1.Can measure absolute optical density,relative density and dot area
    2.Can be used to test the optical density of aluminum plating film,film,X-ray film
    3.Also can test the transmittance of milky white translucent material and frosted material.
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