Linshang Technology-As the Glass Thickness Meter manufaturer, has designed this instrument to measure the thickness of single-glass,double-glazing,multiple glass and air of insulating glass,especially used in those occation where ordinary scale and caliper can't be used.

  • 1.Measure Glass & Air Space quickly from single side of IG Units
    2.Range: Glass Thickness Scale 70mm, Air Space Scale 34mm
    3.Mainly used on measuring glass and air space in insulated glass
    4.Can measure individual panes of glass and the thickness of a glass bottle etc.
  • 1.Range: Glass Thickness Scale 60mm, Air Space Scale 35mm
    2.Laser reflects on CCD to measure glass thickness and Air thickness
    3.Measure Glass & Air Space (insulated glass) quickly from single side of IG Units
    4.Can be switched between two kings of units
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